This International Holocaust Remembrance Day, it’s time to start seeing the Jew hatred all around us.

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The idea of remembrance evokes something that happened long ago. A distant memory, not an urgent one. On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, though, we’re called to remember a tragedy that happened only 75 years ago.

You’d think the death of 6 million Jews and about 4 million other people wouldn’t be so easily forgotten. But a September survey of millennials and Gen-Zers across the US indicated 63% of respondents didn’t know 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust and 36% believed 2 million or fewer were killed. 48% could not name a single concentration camp. …

Healthy diets aren’t a monolith, nor are they equally accessible. It’s time to re-evaluate what “healthy” can mean.

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Recently, actress Keke Palmer made headlines when she tweeted, “Imagine if your EBT could only work on healthy items.” The tweet stirred up controversy, with commenters explaining that it’s wrong to police people’s diets due to their socioeconomic circumstances and that food deserts are a real problem facing people who rely on SNAP benefits. Palmer clarified that she meant that healthy food should be free for people who rely on SNAP, since her own bills reflect the high cost of a healthy diet.

Whatever you make of Palmer’s comments and the controversy, there’s a bigger question here: What are healthy…

As Hollywood reckons with increased representation, it’s time to rewrite the narrative of the food allergic character.

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The recent Netflix romcom Love, Guaranteed, one of the streamer’s 10 most popular titles in September, is not remotely realistic. The plot follows a man, Damon Wayans, Jr., who goes on 1,000 dates through a dating app that guarantees its users will find love. When he doesn’t, he enlists the help of Rachael Leigh Cook, a do-gooder lawyer who mostly takes on cases pro bono because she’s just that much of a sweetheart, to sue the company. If you’ve ever seen a romcom, you probably know what happens next, but…spoilers are no fun.

No one expects a romcom to be…

The FDA’s new “temporary” guidance for food labeling fails to protect against food allergies, despite assurances otherwise

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The Food and Drug Administration recently released new food labeling guidelines for food manufacturers to address supply chain issues due to COVID-19. In brief, they allow for food manufacturers to make some ingredient substitutions without changing the product’s label. The guidelines are made with the best of intentions, I’m sure, to ensure that there’s no shortage of packaged foods available for most of America.

Many of the guidelines seem reasonable and protective of the consumer. For instance, you can’t make a marketing claim on the label that a tomato sauce is made with portobello mushrooms and substitute the mushrooms, but…

Food allergies taught me not to take life-or-death risks. That’s why reopening scares me.

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I stared at my plate of stir-fry, as aromatic as one could expect from a college dining hall. I was hungry. I wanted to eat my dinner, a simple enough request. I’d asked if there were mushrooms in the dish and had been assured there weren’t. But there they were, staring back at me.

I haven’t had an allergic reaction in a long time, I thought. I’ve outgrown so many of my allergies over the years, and maybe I’ve outgrown my mushroom allergy. So what if the protocols for a safe food challenge oppose eating allergens spontaneously and with other…

I’m allergic to bitter herbs, so I know what it’s like not to have a “normal” Passover.

My family sits around the Passover Seder table, raising our glasses to down the second cup of wine before moving into the ritual eating portion of the night. Soon, we’ll be washing our hands (with a blessing!), eating matzah (finally!), eating maror, and making a sandwich of the two before eating the actual meal. This moment is the crux of the Seder — our religious obligation is fulfilled primarily by eating this unleavened bread and these bitter herbs to recall the exodus from Egypt in a physical way.

But for me, this moment is filled with an emotion there are…

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Since COVID-19 has reared its ugly head, we’ve been thrust into a reality where invisible droplets containing a virus make us more aware of our mortality. We’ve changed the way we function by practicing social distancing, grocery shopping with extreme caution, and avoiding touching our faces at all costs. We can’t see the virus, but we feel the weight of its presence and we’re adapting for own survival.

Some of this isn’t exactly new to me, as a sufferer of life-threatening food allergies, including rare airborne and cross-contact allergies. I had my first reaction within the first week of having…

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Writer, entrepreneur, animal lover. Navigates life with optimism, humor, and 35+ food allergies.

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